Third Party Testing

Test procedure: The procedure for Verification / Calibration / Testing / Documentation is uniformly adhered to by all RRSLs as per the procedure adopted by the NPL / OIML / IS / ISO specifications from time to time. Other activities: This laboratory has also been carrying out Third-Party-Certification for manufacturing industries and for Government purchases.

Marking and quality certification of products and services have become very important in today's rapidly changing business scenario. This facilitate the production of quality goods/services as well as make them available for the satisfaction of consumers at large. Because of this, consumers get better choice and assurance of consistency in quality of product/ service with its timely delivery. It also get monitoring of the firm's supplies and clear indication of its capabilities. Hence, their time and money is saved in doing assessment of the suppliers. This system of certification and marking is also beneficial for producers as well. This helps them to gain a competitive edge in domestic as well as global market.