To cater to the demanding requirements of the industries for acquiring ISO / IS accreditations, this laboratory has set up magnanimous calibration facilities as below;

  • Analytical  weights of all denominations,
  • Weighing scales .
  • Length measures (steel scales / tapes / end rods, etc.),
  • Linear measures (micrometer, Vernier, dial gauge, depth gauge, height gauge,),
  • Volumetric glasswares (pipette, burette, flask, measuring cylinder, manometer, syringe, etc.),
  • Temperature gauges and thermometers,
  • Pressure gauges,
  • Test sieves,
  • Hydrometers (brix / density type),
  • Torque Standards (Primary & Secondary),
  • Force Standards (Primary & Secondary),
  • Load cells of capacities upto 5000 kg capacity (first of its kind in India),
  • EMC testing including Giga-Hertz Transverse Electro-magnetic Wave Generator (G-TEM), which is a unique and latest technological facility.

Calibration fo analytical weights/cast iron weights/dead weights of the following accuracy- 

    A) Accuracy class F1 - 1mg to 10kg

    B) Accuracy class F2 - 1mg to 20kg

    C) Accuracy class M  - 1mg to 1000kg